Citadel & M.Aly Mosque

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In this tour you will explore the citadel; one of the world's greatest monuments to medieval warfare, as well as a highly visible landmark on Cairo's eastern skyline. Between 1176 and 1183; Salah Addin Alayoubi, an Abbasid ruler, fortified the area against attacks by the Crusaders, and since then, it has never been without a military garrison. Originally it served as both a fortress and a royal city.  In same area; Mohamed Ali Mosque is also located. Mohamed Ali Pasha was buried in a tomb carved from Carrara marble, in the courtyard of the mosque. The mosque was built on the site of old Mamlouk buildings in Cairo's Citadel between 1830 and 1848 by Yusuf Bushnak from Istanbul. The ground on which the mosque was erected was built with debris from the earlier buildings of the Citadel. The stripped walls were clad with wood painted to look like marble.

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3-4 Hours  Citadel & Mohamed Ali Mosque  70 $ 50 $ 45 $ 40 $
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