Memphis & Saqqara, Pyramids & Sphinx

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This tour will take you to Egypt's first capital, Memphis.  Here you will visit the triad of God Ptah, the fallen colossal statue of King Ramses the 2nd and the Alabaster Sphinx.  A short drive from Memphis lays the oldest, ancient cemetery of Sakkara.  The world's first monumental stone building, the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, built by the architect Imhotep 4600 years ago, still stands.  After visiting the complex you continue to one of the Mastabas (tombs) built nearby, such as those of Ptah-Hotep of Mereruca for an inside visit.  Your second stop will be at Giza Plateau, where there is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world "Pyramids".  This is a visit you will always remember because it is a journey to the past to embrace the great civilization of the pharaohs represented in the legendary pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos.  Visit the Pyramids and enjoy panoramic views from the Western Plateau, then continue down the valley where the guardian of this Mortuary complex the mighty Sphinx stands with great pride.


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5 Hours Memphis & Saqqara, Pyramids & Sphinx 105 $ 90 $ 85 $ 75 $
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