Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Karnak is concerned for protecting the privacy of personal information it receives by using different services of the site. The Site, in order to provide you with full services, needs to gather certain information about its users.

Data entered into this page aren't used for commercial purposes, shall not be used for sending e-mails other than the Site services, and shall not be made available for a third party. Using this data shall be restricted to Site administration only.

Third Party Links:

Third party links published on the Site don't create any legal commitment between the Site and any third party. The Site shall not be the least committed, or liable for the content or services under a third party link.

When registering to the Site for receiving news messages, contributing comments or responding to polls, the Site shall not allow a third party access to your information, neither shall it sell, distribute or lease those information.

Information Security:

The Site implements a variety of security technological measures in protecting information saved on its systems against loss, abuse, piracy, unauthorized disclosure, change, or damage.

Data Use:

The Site uses personal information collected from visitors for limited purposes, including managing and directing services provided to the users, i.e sending notification e-mails about an important event.

Type of Collected Data:

Registering to the site requires entering personal data such as name, e-mail, place of residence, phone number and date of birth. This data allows Site operators to personalize the required services according to your interests.

The site implements analytical tools and software in collecting information such as cookies and IP addresses which allow for recognizing users' needs. Nonetheless, this information shall not be used in collecting personal data. The sole objective of gathering such data is determining preferences of the Site users and providing highly demanded services to visitors.

Duration of Data Retention:

The Site retains your personal data, as supplied by you, once registered and shall not be deleted. When you send your contribution to the Site, the content shall be retained according to the purpose you sent the contribution for.

Privacy Policy Revision:

Karnak may change or alter this legal notification at any time. Those changes enter into force immediately after they are announced on the site.